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Scheduled Maintenance July 24th at 2 am.

To our subscribers,

On July 24th at 2 am, we are performing maintenance to our client distribution switches.

These particular switches services approximately 75 homes in the brownstones, 67 homes in the limestone, 50 apartments in 9 Regent, and 54 apartments in 30 Regent. We anticipate the work will take a maximum of 1 hour to perform.

This maintenance should not affect services and we’ve verified our plans with the manufacturer to confirm the proper course of action. In the unlikely case we run into a problem, we will have spare hardware on site and personal on call.

To ensure uptime, stability of the platform, and minimize subscriber impact we are performing this update at a time we know has the lowest subscriber utilization.

Should you have any concerns or would like more details about the planned upgrades, kindly contact customer support at 201-763-5100 or Customersupport@goldcoastbroadband.com.

Kind regards,
Network Team

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