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2/2/2019 Regional outage affecting JC and NYC- Update

2/3/19 6:35 A.M. Fire at Columbia St and Secaucus Ave on the border of North Bergen and Union city. Melted 144 stands of fiber and destroyed other equipment affecting several internet carriers. Local law enforcement delayed field team for several hours before they could begin repairing the site.


Our engineering team was able to find a solution for the common areas. While the other carriers in Jersey City are down, we rerouted limited bandwidth from a diverse internet source and are providing free emergency services to Zeppelinhall and the Liberty Harbor Lobbies/Amenity Spaces. We understand your need for internet services and in parallel to the construction crews, Gold Coast engineers are continuing to work at finding, cabling, and configuring another source of internet for the Apartment units. We have a contingency plan that involves bridging the diverse source for internet we are using in the common areas into each individual home. This is a last resort for both logistical reasons and security concerns.


The Altice Network Operations Center has reported to us that all services will be restored today. Their last update to us at 3:45 A.M., their workers were making progress on splicing and reconnecting the melted line.


Lastly, many (but not all) of the TV channels were affected but note that all local news and sports channels were unaffected by this fiber outage.


The SUPERBOWL on CBS channel 2 is available now and unaffected by this outage.

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