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America's first channel for babies.

Designed to enrich your relationship with your baby, BabyFirstTV goes beyond traditional TV to deliver engaging programs to help you learn and play together. It features original, award-winning content supported by leading childhood experts, all for $4.99 per month, less than the cost of a single DVD.

BabyFirstTV Shows

Here's a sample of shows you and your baby will enjoy.

Harry the Bunny

Play with Harry, a curious 3-year-old bunny, who loves exploring fun new things while he teaches new words and concepts to young viewers.

I Can Sign

Learn sign language with your baby and discover a new way to interact. Babies as young as 12 months old can use sign language to communicate.

Rainbow Horse

Saddle up and get ready for a magical journey, as Rainbow Horse breathes color into the world.

Baby D.I.Y.

Join your child as he or she learns to "Do It Yourself." Host Sharen Pearson takes viewers on a journey of fun crafts, laughs and good times.

Numbers Around the Globe

Help your baby discover the magic of counting. Follow different animals from around the globe on an exciting counting adventure.

Peekaboo, I See You!

The timeless game of Peekaboo is featured in this new series. It teaches prepositions and is sure to result in giggles and surprises.

Hide and Seek

Join two lively squirrels in their favorite game, "Hot and Cold." Help them find their acorns using words relating to distance, such as "closer" and "farther."

My Gym at Home

Exercise the BabyFirst way with this engaging physical fitness program. Join the fitness fun with instructors Monique, Anatanice and Eric.


Tizzy, Tog and Toot are three little mice that love time - time for a short story, time for singing a song. They combine learning with lots of fun.

Add Baby First TV to your Gold Coast Broadband Premier Digital Package for $4.99/mo.

Baby First TV Channels

Tune in to BabyFirstTV and watch your baby blossom.

  • Harry the Bunny
  • I Can Sign
  • Rainbow Horse
  • Baby D.I.Y.
  • Numbers Around the Globe
  • Peekaboo, I see You!
  • Hide and Seek
  • My Gym at Home
  • Squeak
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